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Metamorphosis in Bali, Ubud 3/24/20-3/29/20

Mt Shasta Retreat in July 2020 


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Mt Shasta Retreat coming up in July 2020

Cacao Breathwork Sound Journey

We welcome you to this amazing high vibrational retreat. We had the most amazing time. Whatever your intentions are, they will be magnified a million times in the Vortex of Mt Shasta. It's time to ascend into happiness, love, clarity, joy, prosperity, peace, unblocking blockages,  feeling healthy and feeling amazing . It's time. We welcome you to an amazing Metamorphosis retreat!!! Limited Spots. Ask for an application.


What to expect-

* Cacao Breathwork Sound Journey Ceremony ( we also hold this monthly in the South Bay in Los Gatos, near San Jose, CA)

* Euphoric Dance

* Kundalini Yoga

* Body and Mind Detox

*Manifestation workshop through creative art projects

* Nature Connection Shamanic Meditation Hike

* Play, Fun, Laughter, Tribe, Connection

* Healing Mineral Springs of Mount Shasta  

* Sauna, private one on one personal readings and optional massage

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Come together and experience this love bug medicine. I cannot put into words what happens at these ceremonies because it is beyond words. Love, understanding, peace, clarity, joy, release... all in a few hours. You just have to experience it. People have said it was surprisingly intense, releasing, one years worth of therapy in 1 hour, mediative, calm, peaceful, mind opening, next level and more... When you combine all three its amaaaazing!!!


CEREMONIAL GRADE CACAO has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies to help us reach euphoric states of bliss, release what no longer serves us, and connect again to pure love heart energy for ourselves and others. It is chocolate in the pure raw unhybridized ceremonial grade form purchased from Guatemala. It is selectively harvested by a tribe of women and then I sing to it with love, happiness and clarity when preparing it.  


BREATHWORK is a gentle, safe and profound tool for healing and transformation on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This practice is able to increase the available energy in the physical body improve the clarity of the mind and allow a release of blocked emotional energy to gently uplight the spirit. Breath is the connection to Source, God, Higher Power, Consciousness, whatever name you want to call it... TRUTH


SOUND HEALING is a universal statement for different instruments being used to raise the vibration of oneself. Instruments such as voice, drumming, and singing bowls help you obtain a meditative state in which to assist in your expansion of your consciousness. I bring you into a theta brain wave state of meditation. It is very likely you will sense peace and calm. It helps you move towards joy, peace, love....


MOUNT SHASTA is a place of tranquility, peace and happiness, surrounded by many mysteries. Both Mount Shasta and Camelot represent ancient mythical kingdoms based on a spiritual and visionary society as much as a geographic place.The waters are highly lauded for their healing properties through out the centuries. Romans built healing baths as far back as the 6th century AD. Throughout Europe “taking to the waters” or balneology, the study of medicinal springs and the therapeutic effects of bathing in them, has laid claim to the miracles of healing rheumatism, gout, blindness and paralysis.

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Christina WHITE WOLFE has studied plant medicine ceremonies in Peru, jungles of Costa Rica, jungles of Ecuador and in the Bay Area. She is educated in Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine and is certified in Quantum Touch, a touch-based healing technique that uses the "chi" of both practitioner and client. WHITE WOLFE is also certified in Clarity Breathwork I,II,III.  She facilitates monthly Cacao Breath work Sound Journey Ceremonies and Retreats and also conducts private sessions to help release what no longer serves them and to bring in clarity and peace with intuitive messages. Her gift is that she empowers people and helps open gifts. She helps remove blockages from people who seem to cannot move forward in life or get to the next step.   She helps bring clients from beta brain wave state to a theta brain wave state which is a light meditation to access higher consciousness. In this state whatever is the highest good of the client will happen.  


Contact Christina White Wolfe for an application to see if this retreat is in alignment with you. and leave your name to request an application and tell me how you heard about this retreat. Limited space available