It was such an amazing experience I don’t know how to put it; besides my life was definitely changed immediately something powerful happened, unexplainable but I recommend everyone give themselves a chance to be forever elevated.

Chris B.

I am immensely grateful for Christina's guidance. Her guidance during breath work helped me immensely. I look forward to connecting with her to continue to learn.. Infinite gratitude for her beauty and strength in this work!

Ariana B.

I have gotten a lot of massages but this one is quite different. She just knows where the tension is and how to release the tight knots which she says is also releasing stress.  I've also tried her health coaching which will blow your mind away. She has practical ways to help you get healthier and results have been very good. I think I'm going to have my family try this now.

Robert B.

I read all of the 5 star reviews for Christina white Wolfe wellness. I agree with them with a 6 star rating:). I will bring back friends and family to her meditation session to directly feel the power of healing. Words cannot fully describe the vibration and energy I felt during the breathing meditation! I never knew that you can access your higher self in such a simple way—-yet I knew that Christina and her team were gifted and/or taught to bring us all into the present moment!...besides her power and gift, I would like to comment on her down-to-earth character: She is a great teacher yet she humbled herself so much that she claimed that she was only an assistant, and treated everybody around her as her teacher.  Christina's narrative skills, her personal growth experience and her compassionate heart to help others are all subtle but real! You have to experience it yourself to know her real power:)  I highly recommend Christina’s team and I would love to learn more from them in the future! What a blessing!

Yanlee M.

I had the immense pleasure of working both in group and one-on-one with Christina while camping in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest. Both experiences were life changing and, as she accurately described them, “like a years worth of therapy wrapped into 1-2 hours”. If you’re ready to dig deep and face some pretty real truths about yourself, step into her workshop! She is an exquisite guide, beautiful soul, and the exact kind of person you’d want to take you through this process. Changed my life for the better - it’ll change yours too.

Bella C.

Christina has helped me to reconnect with myself. She also helped me to heal within and I had no idea how much emotion I had been carrying all these years. I'm truly grateful for our session and would definitely recommend anyone looking to move forward in their life but feel stuck, to set up a session with Christina. She is humble, caring and really is here to help you tap into your higher self.

Tisa C.

I am trying to write this review but it’s difficult to even describe the experience that I have encountered with Christina because it is by far one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had. Christina helps to guide you to that place where you can get into contact with that which does not serve you! I am truly grateful that the right circumstances drew me to have this experience! Christina is sweet and kind and so awesome! I love her!

Natalie L.

I came there with an open mind. I had been to a previous sound therapy class. I left feeling relaxed and at peace. I'm going to try it again and bring more friends to give it a try.

William D.

I've had the honor, privelage and pleasure to work with Christina several times. She addressed and allowed me to both free up psychological limitations that were keeping me stuck. She brings a sharp and grounded reverence to her work, honoring both the practical, mental aspects of healing.  Highly reccomend you treat yourself and take a huge step forward in your healing, life and path by working with Christina.

Alexis. L

I am so grateful that I met Christina and for the experience working with her. She helped me to release things that I didn’t even know were blocking personal happiness and I really do feel my heart opening after working with her.  Words are insufficient to describe what she does. Anyone who can move me from my head to my heart deserves a high recommendation. Thank you Christina….

Karen B.

Christina's workshops are for a whole range of human healing: she touched someone suffering from cancer, someone dealing with deep internal grief and despair, and someone who just needed to find themselves again. If you are ready for some serious healing, reach out to her-- you won't regret it

Sam K.

I met Christina where i attended one of her classes. Its very hard to even write a review because there is no way to describe her work, other than to feel them yourself. Even amongst 80+ other people, i felt so close to her and her healing powers. She truly is gods gift to earth. she shares personal experiences which makes her different and more connecting then anyone else. This is something i will never forget and will cherish forever.

Hailey G.

Christina had a HUGE impact on my life when we traveling to a sacred site in Arizona. She instinctively new what my body and soul were calling for. When she acted on her intuition and stood in her combination of compassion and power, she allowed me to heal a hole in my soul and reconnect to my body in a way that I had not been able to do in this lifetime.

Maurine X.